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Blake Reaches Number One With "Home."

  • Posted on Jul 07th by Gardens admin  in Blake Shelton,

    Blake Shelton has reached the top of the charts, R&R Singles Chart and MediaBase Singles Chart, with his woeful - soulful rendition of “Home,” written by Michael Bublé, Amy Foster-Gillies and Alan Chang and originally recorded by Bublé. This is the fourth career No. 1 for Shelton including “Austin,” “The Baby” and “Some Beach,” which collectively held the No.1 spot for thirteen weeks.

    “I loved “Home” the first time I heard it and I really love it now,” jokes Shelton. “I’m glad I’m not the only one that thought it was a country song. I’ve had the honor of performing “Home” with Michael Bublé on a couple of occasions and can honestly say he is a really great guy and I think as a writer he’s probably pretty excited that it’s reached No. 1, too.”

    Watch the video!