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CMA Music Fest - WMN Red Carpet with Deanna & Kristen: Day 1

  • Posted on Jun 09th by Gardens admin  in ,

    Click here for the day 1 recap video

    First things first, thank you to Warner Music for allowing us to be their correspondents for CMA Fest 2011. We have been having a blast!

    Our day started with checking out the Warner Music booth. First, we walked the Warner red carpet. Then, it was over to make our flip book. Props in hand, we spent "7" seconds in front of the camera making our flip book...apparently just like the party favors at Blake and Miranda's wedding! Speaking of Blake Shelton, we have accepted our first mission, getting @blakeshelton to tweet us back. The mission has not been accomplished yet. Can you help us out??! For those of you who don't know, we are accepting "missions," to be accomplished by the end of CMA week. Please tweet us @deannakristen your suggestions! We are looking forward to hearing from you.

    Our first interview of the week was Jason Jones, who we currently have a mild crush on. Make sure to check out his single "Ferris Wheel." It's a perfect summer love song!

    After some fun contests and amazing prizes (front of line passes, VIP listing party passes, cds, signed photos...), Gloriana took some time to chat with us. They called on all their fans who know how to move and held a dance contest. The winner will appear in the video for their new single "Wanna Take You Home." More to come on that tomorrow :)

    We want to thank our amazing team, Mike, Caroline and the rockstar, Lauren! And again, thank you to the entire Warner Music staff.

    You never know what's going to happen at CMA Fest, but what we do know is that country music fans are the best!

    Deanna & Kristen

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