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CMA Music Fest - WMN Red Carpet with Deanna & Kristen: Day 4

  • Posted on Jun 13th by Gardens admin  in ,

    Click here for the Day 4 Recap Video.

    Day 4...we hit the ground running...we had a lot to accomplish on our last day!

    The talented Jana Kramer was first up! We jumped into the "hopefuls" line and found one of Jana's biggest fans. We surprised her and took her right to the front of the line where she asked Jana a few questions.  It was worth Crystal's trip all the way from New York!!

    Hunter Hayes everyone!! We chatted about his favorite super hero and who would be included in his CMA Fest yearbook. We vote Hunter for Most Likely to Succeed. But, I think the best interview question came from one of our contest winners, who asked for his number. We like brave girls! Check out "Storm Warning!"

    Then, we took it to the streets to give away a few prizes and accomplish some missions. We were thrown a lot of missions by the fans...and we were ready to do whatever we needed to accomplish them. We cheated on a few :) but we did the best we could with the time we had.

    We have had so much fun this week! Thank you Michael, Caroline, Lauren, Jeremy, DJ, Matt, and all of Warner Music! You are all rockstars! Thank you to Jason, Gloriana, The JaneDear Girls, Ty, Frankie, The Dirt Drifters, Brett, Jana, Hunter, Blake, Randy, John and Kenny for the time and memories! And, of course, thank you to all the fans who allowed us to be a part of their week. Country music fans are the best!!

    See you all on our next adventure. Can't wait!!


    Deanna & Kristen
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