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Happy Mother's Day From Our WMN Family!

  • Posted on May 12th by Team WMN  in ,

    Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 12th, so we asked our artists what their top five gift recommendations are for Mom this year. Check out the answers below to see how they would celebrate the day with their own moms. Happy Mother’s Day from Warner Music Nashville!

    Frankie Ballard
    “You’ve got to start with a card, Moms want to see that you love them in ink (tattoos are even better). Second is cliché, but Moms also love flowers. Those are two no-brainers you can't miss with. Next, any heart-felt, well-thought-out small gift, i.e. a gift certificate to her favorite boutique or something she pinned on Pinterest(low hanging fruit right there). Best of all would be a surprise visit. If you can manage a couple days off, this is king. You may even get away with no card if you show up on her doorstep.”

    Big Smo
    1. Jewelry
    2. Gift certificate to her favorite store
    3. Take her out to dinner
    4. Flowers and a gift certificate for a massage
    5. Most importantly, spend the day with her

    Nick Hoffman
    1. Anything that makes Mom happy
    2. Something that makes Mom feel special
    3. A gift that makes Mom feel loved
    4. A little token of appreciation for all that Mom does
    5. See 1 through 4

    Damien Horne
    1. Quality time with Mom
    2. An original heart-felt letter of appreciation and memories
    3. Spa/pampering time
    4. A trip to the beach
    5. Whatever Mama wants

    Krista Marie
    1. Beautiful flowers that can be replanted in the yard (rose bush, hydrangea, iris, etc.) that come back every year
    2. Chocolates from Oliver’s Candy (from my hometown Batavia, NY)
    3. A handwritten poem about how much you appreciate your momma and how thankful you are for her putting up with you!
    4. A spa gift certificate (my mom never spends money on herself, so this gives her no choice but to pamper herself!)
    5. A simple phone call to say I love you! My mom IS my hero

    1. Wine
    2. Jewelry
    3. Cook her dinner
    4. Chocolates
    5. Botox (via Rachel)

    Jana Kramer
    1. Her favorite flowers
    2. A spa day
    3. A picture book of our favorite memories together
    4. A thoughtful piece of jewelry
    5. And my personal favorite, a hand-made card

    Ashley Monroe
    “Well, all mamas like to look and feel pretty so taking her to the spa or to get nails and hair done is always a good one. You can never go wrong with flowers either! Breakfast in bed is another favorite of all the hard worker moms out there. Anything "made" with your own two hands, a collage of pictures of you two together with some special quotes around it would be pretty nifty. I also think a nice heartfelt letter to your mom that expresses how grateful you are to have her would be super powerful! And top any of those off with a buncha I LOVE YOU'S!!”

    Charlie Worsham
    1. Handwritten or handmade cards
    2. Frame her favorite family photos
    3. “Treat Yourself” Spa Day Package
    4. Mother/Son night out with a fancy dinner
    5. 1959 Rickenbacker 6-string Capri Electric Guitar, red sunburst with original knobs