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  • Posted on Jan 20th by Gardens admin  in ,

    Jessica Harp graces radio today with her sassy, empowering single, “A Woman Needs,” the title-track off her forthcoming album. Jessica, who was once part of the GRAMMY nominated duo, The Wreckers, is no stranger to the powerful lyrics in “A Woman Needs.” The song talks about taking risks and getting second chances to follow your dreams. “A Woman Needs is a really special song,” Jessica says. “It’s about women coming into their own and following their dreams, following their paths, and sometimes taking the path unknown. I think the obvious answer with me, the dream that I’ve followed, is the dream that I’ve had since I was three years old – to grow up to be a country singer.”

    The video for “A Woman Needs” will premiere on AOL’s The Boot on Monday, Jan. 25 and making of the video webisodes are currently featured on the site. The webisodes will run in correlation with a contest where fans will obtain a code at the end of each webisode to enter on the sweeps page. The sweeps page is located at and the winner will win a weekend getaway to Nashville and a meeting with Harp.