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    Nashville, TN – (February 14, 2011) – Warner Bros. Records’ road-tested, club-polished new group The Dirt Drifters knows that something better is about to come along with the release of their debut single “Something Better” to country radio today Monday, February 14. This song is now available on iTunes and will be featured on their forthcoming debut album entitled This Is My Blood produced by Justin Niebank (Vince Gill, Brad Paisley and Keith Urban).

    Co-written by band members Nick Diamond, Matt Fleener, Ryan Fleener and Jeff Middleton, "Something Better," is the perfect distillation of their sound - loud, raucous, insightful and intelligent all at once. The Dirt Drifters play top-drawer country music, bringing vintage sounds and sensibilities up to date in a country landscape hungry to reconnect with its roots.

    “Something Better” is already getting rave reviews from radio, critics and fans alike.

    “This song is just plain cool, with TEMPO like nobody's business. It brings such a great energy on the air that you'll be dancing in your driver's seat as soon as the catchy drum beats and rollicking guitar licks start playing through the speakers.” – All Access

    “Lead singer Matt Fleener totally sells the lyrics with a gritty and expressive lead vocal that earns high marks.” –

    The Dirt Drifters are currently out on the road visiting radio and playing shows all across the country in support of their new single.

    The Dirt Drifters met in Nashville, five musicians from four states with backgrounds from across the spectrum and a hunger to make music that matters. Their growing suspicion that they had something special was confirmed over and over as they took to the road. Fans in one club after another reacted as they always do in the presence of the real thing, and the Dirt Drifters began attracting a rabid and loyal following. By name and position they are lead singer/guitarist Matt Fleener, vocalist/guitarist Ryan Fleener, vocalist/guitarist Jeff Middleton, bassist Jeremy Little and drummer Nick Diamond. They bring resumes that embrace country, rock, funk and R&B to bear on a gritty, lyrical roadhouse country that offers something substantial to the heart, the mind and the dance floor.

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